Original Vincent Photographs
These photographs of the factory, man on an A, PCV at Harrow and PCV on DAR 23  have been kindly supplied by Robin Vincent-Day
They have very large file sizes (500Kb - 900Kb) so will take a long time to download.

Factory 3.jpg (56450 bytes)Factory 10.jpg (61150 bytes)Factory 11.jpg (60096 bytes)
Factory 13.jpg (64450 bytes)Factory 2.jpg (69466 bytes)Factory 12.jpg (68460 bytes)
Factory 9.jpg (56617 bytes)Factory 15.jpg (63366 bytes)Factory 14.jpg (74641 bytes)
Factory 6.jpg (59898 bytes)Factory 7.jpg (57750 bytes)Factory 1.jpg (62264 bytes)
Factory 8.jpg (42146 bytes)Factory 5.jpg (89894 bytes)PCV on DAR 23.jpg (60816 bytes)
Factory 4.jpg (52371 bytes)PCV at Harrow.jpg (21899 bytes)